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North Coast Fencing Academy

Recomended Reading

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To be a good athlete one must not posess just skill and fitness but also a stalwart heart and sharp mind.  Flowery speach aside, studying the the technical, training and philosophical texts listed will give one a broader framework so as to better utilize the information one gains through experience.

Technical Manuals
Magnum Libre d'Escrime (Big Book of Fencing) - Rudy Volkman
ISBN# 0-9668038-0-9
USAFencing Rulebook - USAFencing

Training Supplements
Nutrition Almanac - Gayla J. Kirschman and John D. Kirschman
ISBN# 0-07-034922-3
Planning To Win:  designing, recording and evaluating your fencing training program - Aladar Kogler, PhD. 
Email Mike Czarnik @ for a copy.

Philosophical Texts
Book of Five Rings - Miyamoto Musashi
ISBN# 978-1-59030-797-7
I-Ching - Unkown
ISBN# 0-691-09750-X
Introduction to Logic - Irving M. Copi and Carl Cohen
ISBN# 0-13-189834-5
Logic Made Easy - Deborah J. Bennett
ISBN# 0-393-32692-6
The Art of War - Tsun Tzu
ISBN# 1-59030-054-8
The Empericists - John Locke, George Berkeley and David Hume
ISBN# 0-385-09622-4
The Taoist Classics:  Volume 1 - Translated by Thomas Cleary
ISBN# 1-57062-905-6

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