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North Coast Fencing Academy

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Please call or text us at (707)-601-1657
Alternatively you can send us an email.

Fencing is a fun sport that is practiced in over 145 nations world wide.  It will develope your mind and body.  Improved strategic/tactical thinking, ameliorated memory and rapid decision making skills are just some of the mental benefits from fencing.  Greater endurance, efficiency of movement, enhanced coordination and fencing specific muscle memory are the physacle benefits of our training regime.
Fees (Membership/Insurance/Class fees are per month not per session.  See requirements for info regarding classes):
Student Membership        $40 
General Membership        $50
Equipment Insurance       $15
Drop-in                   $10
Beginners Class           $25
Intermediate Class        $25
Private Lesson            $15
Senior Discount (65+)     10%
Family/Couple Discount    10%
The first time is five dollars starting in July of 2012.  Come in on any open fencing time and receive a complimentary lesson and the opportunity to fence with our members.  You will be required to sign a waiver of liability, but you will not be obligated to become a member.  Due to changes in the legislation by our national governing body (USA Fencing we must charge a 5 dollar yearly fee  to all participants to cover our insurance.

Beginners Class:  One will need clean, closed top shoes, loose pants or shorts, t-shirts and a can-do attitude.  Equipment Insurance Fee is waved while one is attending this 14 week course.
Intermediate Class:  One will need to have completed the begginers class and/or show sufficient competency in the skills taught there in.  One will also be required to own and bring all of the following items in addition to the requirements for the begginers class:  Mask, Plasteron, Jacket, Glove, Complete Weapon, women must also own, bring and wear a chest protector.

North Coast Fencing *1459 M Street * Arcata *Ca USA *95521