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North Coast Fencing Academy

Photos and Clips

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These are photos of Events/People involved in our academy.

Tom Bronzo (left) teaches Justin Bronzo (right) to respect his elders.

Richard (the bearded fellow) tries to navigate through a swarm of younglings.

Tom Bronzo (left) learns the hard way that sometimes youth can beat old age and treachery.


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Young fencers with their instructor.
Left to right Lilly, Chelsea, Leanne, Elena, Josh. Instructor: Justin Bronzo.

2012 Men's Team Epee World Championships in Kiev, Ukraine.  None of our fencers have ever made it this far but this is a taste of what fencing can be.  You may wish to skip around in this video as there are the occasional ten minute intervals between bouts.  Spoiler Warning:  USA takes the gold after over 10 hours of grueling competition against the world's best.